Thanks for your interest in the NexusDB Embedded Free Edition.

NexusDB provides this completely FREE version of our NexusDB V4 Embedded database engine for download. The free version is delivered with DCU and BPL files; for those who wish to protect their investment, the version including source is still be available for purchase.

There are NO artificial size limitations of any kind built into the FREE non-source version.

The currently available version is v4.00.13.

NexusDB Embedded Free Edition is currently available for the following Delphi versions:

  • RAD Studio XE8 (Delphi & C++ Builder) / AppMethod 1.16
  • RAD Studio XE7 (Delphi & C++ Builder) / AppMethod 1.15
  • RAD Studio XE6 (Delphi & C++ Builder) / AppMethod 1.14
  • RAD Studio XE5 (Delphi & C++ Builder)
  • RAD Studio XE4 (Delphi & C++ Builder)
  • RAD Studio XE3 (Delphi & C++ Builder)
  • RAD Studio XE2 (Delphi & C++ Builder)
  • RAD Studio XE (Delphi & C++ Builder)
  • RAD Studio 2010 (Delphi & C++ Builder)
  • RAD Studio 2009 (Delphi & C++ Builder)
  • RAD Studio 2007 (Delphi & C++ Builder)
  • Delphi 2006
  • Delphi 2005
  • Delphi 7

Please fill in the following registration. Upon completion of this registration we will send you an email with the download links for the NexusDB Embededd Free Edition. We will never share the registration information with anyone. We will contact you from time to time with information about new updates for the free embedded version, special offers and for participation in customer satisfaction surveys. You can opt out of this at any time by notifying us via email.

You MUST enter a valid email address, or you will not receive the download email!

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