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Ole Willy Tuv
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Default Re: ADOProvider V2 w/VS2005 support

"Eivind Bakkestuen [NDD]" <Ieivind.bakkestuenHATE@nexusdb.comSPAM> wrote in
message news:444c209a@wic040d....
>> Well, I converted to SQL Server a long time ago. The reason should be
>> pretty obvious.

> For the idly curious; what commercially available database-based programs
> are you currently maintaining?

What the heck do you mean ?

Are you implying that since I've converted from NexusDB to SQL Server, I'm
obviously working on "commercially available" software ?

I'm maintaining a couple of ADO/ODBC projects, but I'm mainly developing my
database applications in VS 2005. In my newer projects, I'm developing db
agnostic data access classes based on the Microsoft Data Access Application
Block and/or the new abstracted db classes in ADO.NET 2.

If you'd have a look in beta.dotNetProvider, you'll see that I've made a lot
of input to Hannes regarding bugs, flaws and shortcomings in the
ADOProvider. The reason I've switched to SQL Server is the slow development
and poor support of the drivers. I'm aware of other developers who have lost
their patience as well.

The current situation, 10 months after the v2 release, is:

- Unfinished ADO.NET provider
- Unfinished DBExpress driver
- Poor performing ODBC driver

I hope this explains why I've converted to SQL Server.