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Eivind Bakkestuen [NDD]
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Default Re: ADOProvider V2 w/VS2005 support

> Are you implying that since I've converted from NexusDB to SQL
> Server, I'm obviously working on "commercially available" software ?

No, but you are stating publicly that our products are not working well
enough to use in your projects. I am not going to contest that, everybody's
product is different, but it believe its informative for everyone reading
this to know what type of products we are talking about (I don't currently
know, which is why I am asking). We have also had feedback from customers
who are confused that there are good reports one day, and the next its not
good enough for use.

> The current situation, 10 months after the v2 release, is:
> - Unfinished ADO.NET provider

The main thing missing is VS 2005 integration. I believe Hannes is close to
finishing that; the provider should be useable via code.

> - Unfinished DBExpress driver

There has been very little demand for this driver, which is why it has not
been finished.

> - Poor performing ODBC driver

It might not win every speed contest, but for general use, it should be
quite ok now.


Eivind Bakkestuen
Nexus Database Systems