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Ole Willy Tuv
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Default Re: ADOProvider V2 w/VS2005 support

<< No, but you are stating publicly that our products are not working well
enough to use in your projects. >>

In that case, your question was pretty weird.

<< I am not going to contest that, everybody's product is different, but it
believe its informative for everyone reading this to know what type of
products we are talking about (I don't currently know, which is why I am
asking). >>

I've explained what kind of data access stuff I'm coding. I've never got it
fully working with the beta ADOProvider, and the ODBC driver still have
issues in ADO mode. In addition, the beta ADOProvider regularly expired
without an update being published for weeks.

If you don't understand why I and other developers coding ADO.NET database
applications eventually lost our patience, I'm afraid I can't help you.

<< We have also had feedback from customers who are confused that there are
good reports one day, and the next its not good enough for use. >>

You need to distinguish between the work/reports I'm doing on a voluntary
basis related to the SQL engine and the needs/requirements I have for my
personal projects.