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Thomas Lohrum
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Default Re: ADOProvider V2 w/VS2005 support

>> The current situation, 10 months after the v2 release, is:
>> - Unfinished ADO.NET provider

> The main thing missing is VS 2005 integration. I believe Hannes is close to
> finishing that; the provider should be useable via code.

We have a project to start with VS 2005.

We won't do that without VS2005 integration.

>> - Unfinished DBExpress driver

> There has been very little demand for this driver, which is why it has not
> been finished.

Is there little demand, because the driver is not available?

>> - Poor performing ODBC driver

> It might not win every speed contest, but for general use, it should be
> quite ok now.

It's slow compared to another database i use, really slow.

Hannes is working on this issue and i am looking forward
to the improvements.