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Alain Schellinck
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Default Re: ADOProvider V2 w/VS2005 support

Eivind Bakkestuen [NDD] schreef:
> The main thing missing is VS 2005 integration. I believe Hannes is close to
> finishing that; the provider should be useable via code.

Sorry Eivind, but the main problem is that the provider expires all the
time without an update being available. Actually, I have no idea WHY
there's an expiration... If I remember correctly, my company payed for
the .NET provider in june last year, but today we can't ship a product
that is using it.

We will still using NexusDB for the Delphi Win32 applications that are
still being maintained in the company, but for new stuff, we can't
afford to wait any longer...