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Sue King
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Default Re: Mobile Client Library

Hi Chris,

I could be interested at some time in the future. I'm not sure when as
I am doing a new system in Windows, for which I would like to have
initially an Android app for a particular purpose. At the moment, I am
too busy with the Windows code to have time to do much with Android.

If you don't do anything with them now, perhaps I can get in touch with
you when I am ready. I always create my components at run time, so an
installer might not be necessary anyway.

Will there be source available ? I would need that if I decided to use
the components.


chris wrote:

> Hi
> I'm considering releasing a set of client components to allow
> accessing NexusDB from Android and iOS/OSX devices. I've been using
> the code in my own projects but never found the time to convert them
> to an actual component library, but I have now and I'm wondering if
> there's any demand before I spend more time writing an installer etc.
> There are 5 components in the set:
> _Server_Component:_
> *TOSNXServer *(Windows Only): HTTP(s) Server component that links to a
> TnxServerEngine and provides the actual data to the client. This
> supports Indy and RTC (StreamSec2 is needed for ssl with RTC, not with
> Indy). It's possible to write additional wrappers to add support for
> other HTTP libraries.
> _Client_Components_(Windows,_Android,_iOS,_OSX):
> _
> TOSNXDBConnection: Handles the communication between the device and
> the windows server. Uses http on lan and HTTPS on wan, supports GZIP
> and Deflate.
> TOSNXDBSession: Selects the alias and allows to set the NexusDB user
> TOSNXQuery: Provides access to the actual data via SQL. This is a
> TDataset descendant so provides many of the normal properties and
> methods. It is a disconnected model so it downloads the data to the
> device in a single trip. It supports paging (to limit the amount of
> data sent to the device). This is readonly with all updates done in
> SQL (if you're not used to using SQL for updating, it really is
> pretty easy so don't be put off). Transactions are supported and the
> component works in blocking mode or in thread mode using anonymous
> procedures.
> TOSNXStoredProc: Provides access to stored procedures on the server.
> If there's enough interest I would offer the library for ?50 per
> developer (1 year of updates) with a 30 day no-questions money back
> guarantee (I don't want to have to create a trial so you'd have to buy
> it to try it).
> This framework uses generics and anonymous methods and I've only
> tested the components on Rio (the code has been working on earlier
> releases though) so probably won't work on older releases of Delphi.
> If you'd be interested please reply and let me know. I'd like to
> release an alpha in the next week or so.
> Cheers
> Chris