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Hannes Danzl[NDD]
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David Guest wrote:

> 1) I am running a host on my hospital server. It is always logged into my
> gateway running on my computer. When a controller or viewer is not running,
> does the Host consume many resources, memory and CPU?

No, hardly any.

> 2) I have the 3.66 Pro installed version in Delphi 7. I see RTC components
> but no Nxcomponents. There is an RTCDesktophost but if I try to look at the
> simple host demo, I get an error no Tnxportalhost... Am I missing
> something? Or do I have the starter version....

It seems like you've not installed all packages. Please remove all rtc and
nexusportal pacakges from Delphi, then close Delphi. Restart it and open the
NexusPortalAppsPro project group from the Portal root folder. Build and
install all projects in this group.


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