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Sergey Tkachenko
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Default ANN: Report Workshop 1.6: shapes, updated NexusDB demo

In the new update of Report Workshop (Delphi VCL components for building
reports using our text editor engine), improvements are related to geometric
shapes. Previously, they were used only in diagrams (changing color or count
of shapes depending on values). Since this version, shapes are also available
as a separate Delphi VCL component and as an object for TRichView documents.
A command for shape insertion and a dialog window for changing shape properties
are implemented. More shape types are added.

This update also includes an improved syntax of {$IF} command in reports.

You can see new features in this video:

Web site:

We have a demo of report editor for NexusDB. It is included in the main set
of compiled demo projects, but you can download it separately:
This is a full functional software allowing making reports for any Nexus
database, print them, export to HTML, RTF or DocX.
Sample reports for "Northwind" database are included

Sergey Tkachenko