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Default Re: Provider not available in VS 2015

I had to give up on it, as I spent more time on this, than I actually have.

Is there a chance that, you could make a very simple step by step
instruction for community 2015 available?

Or maybe let me know, how I can get hold of the version which you have
used to create the existing example?

Kind Regards

On 08-Jun-16 5:25 AM, Thorsten Engler [NDA] wrote:
> Wolfgang wrote:
>> On 07-Jun-16 6:21 PM, Thorsten Engler [NDA] wrote:
>>> Right click the project -> add -> new item -> data -> ADO.NET Entity Data
>>>>>>> Model -> from database

>> Getting Error, See binaries

> You either didn't add the Linq assembly to the project, didn't modify the
> .config file, or didn't do a build of the project between adding the
> reference/modifying the config and trying to generate the model.