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Hannes Danzl[NDD]
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Default Re: Access Violation at address 00000000. Read of address 00000000

Thomas Scherer wrote:

> Time: [1488078] 05.05.2009 08:03:00
> Server suspended: true
> Exception: Exception
> Message: Error: NexusDB: <unnamed TnxQuery instance>: Query preparation
> failed:
> Access violation at address 00638DC5 in module 'nxServer.exe'. Read of
> address FFFFFFFF [$3CA1/15521]
> Filesize:5484544
> Filedate:03.05.2009 10:15:00
> Computer:PC

Sorry, I have no clue what's going on there

Again all i can do is ask for a reproducable test case. Can you see that same
problem on different server and client machines as well?