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I am getting this error when i try to connect to Nexus3 Server:

"Database API specific error
The query returned an error (ODBC State: Hy000

NexusDB:<unnamed TnxODBCWuery instance>:Query preparation failed: Sysntax error at line 369: <builtin_function),<stored_function>,'-','9','*',':','?',<bracketed_binary_string_literal >,<character_string_literal>,...,UNIQUE, UNKNOWN or 'X' expected: Text


It seems to me that the blob fields are the culprits here?

I agree with David Guest that attention should be given to better and/or more reliable connections to NexusDB. At this point in time i have purchased the ODBC driver but dont want to fork out more money for a unreliable ADO provider.

Like i have said earlier we are now forced to use other db systems.

Due to the time it takes to develop WEB applications struggling with database connections adds to the frustrations..

I hope that the vacancy of Hannes does not hamper the development/bug fixing in this department.