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Default Re: How do I add the Nexusdb ADO.NET Provider to Visual Studio 2010?

Not much wisdom here ... and I am not sure what really did it, but I
made sure the v3connector dll was in the directory where my nxserver is.
I then ran the runtime installer. It completed, but I am not sure
what it did. I also copied the two dlls in the bin directory to windows
system 32.

then when I went to add a new DNS I saw the nexus provider driver and
was able to get it to work, that is create a new connection, point it to
a known data base and create the retrieval sql.

However, I am having problems getting the ADO provider to automatically
create update, delete and insert sQLs. I make sure I have a primary
key, verified by doing a generated SQL creation script ... but the
provider still doesn't seem to recognize it.

In my opinion, not spending lots of effort on the ADO provider is a HUGE
mistake on the part of Nexusdb. Microsoft's vision of the future is all
based on the .NET framework. And if the nexusdb stuff does not work
easily and effectively in that world, then it will be all over for
nexusdb. The Delphi world (embarcadero) has shot itself in the foot.
Moving to Unicode might be good for many developers in the world, but in
the US, it is a pain to say the least, and uses twice as much bandwith
storage, etc.

Visual Studio 2012 has done it right. Everything is Ansi, unless you

My hospital will never need Unicode... so it doesn't make sense to move
in that direction. But it does make sense to move to the Web with
ASP.Net ... It is like old fashioned drag and drop and set a few
properties... and C# looks like a nifty little language....

If I were Nexusdb, I would create a nice little package for VB, C# and
F# users, the nxserver, the enterprise manager, and the ADO provider
with a license for unlimited deployment with no royalities... go head to
head with Microsoft and the MSSQL product for the web world...

But it would have to work, be documented have working examples and be
easy to use and be flawless in its performance....

I will say more, if and when I get a handle on these things.