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Ramzi H.
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Default Re: How do I add the Nexusdb ADO.NET Provider to Visual Studio 2010?

On 13/10/2012 1:52 AM, David Guest wrote:
> However, I am having problems getting the ADO provider to automatically
> create update, delete and insert sQLs. I make sure I have a primary
> key, verified by doing a generated SQL creation script ... but the
> provider still doesn't seem to recognize it.

David, are you referring to the .NET v4 Entity Framework, and the
automatic update, delete and insert SQL generation (using Linq)? If
that is the case, then I can tell that it does not work at all, at least
not with the fair amount of testing I did on the trial version of the
NexusDB ADO.NET driver in VS2010.

In the end I gave up and just decided to do it all manually, until
NexusDB comes out with full support for the Entity Framework.

If you want working code examples, let me know and I'll create a C#
Update/Delete/Insert based on the code I'm using at the moment. The
code is also as generic as possible with regards to the database
connection, so you can swap it for another database easily (like MySQL etc).

> If I were Nexusdb, I would create a nice little package for VB, C# and
> F# users, the nxserver, the enterprise manager, and the ADO provider
> with a license for unlimited deployment with no royalities... go head to
> head with Microsoft and the MSSQL product for the web world...
> But it would have to work, be documented have working examples and be
> easy to use and be flawless in its performance....

Personally I would prefer an option to purchase the ADO.NET drive with
the source code, so at least we can add the missing parts to the ADO.NET
driver, and fix any issues ourselves, assuming the NexusDB team doesn't
have the time/resources available to do so themselves.

With the current state of the ADO.NET driver, I honestly think it is not
worth the cost, but in saying that, I would gladly pay that same price
if the source code was available, and more than willing to submit any
and all modifications & updates I make to the driver.