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Default Re: How do I add the Nexusdb ADO.NET Provider to Visual Studio 2010?

"David, are you referring to the .NET v4 Entity Framework, and the
automatic update, delete and insert SQL generation (using Linq)? If
that is the case, then I can tell that it does not work at all, at least
not with the fair amount of testing I did on the trial version of the
NexusDB ADO.NET driver in VS2010."

I got it to work on an earlier version of Prism... I was not using LINK,
just the SQL interface ... I actually was able to edit and create new
entries using the grid component...

However, with Visual Studio 2012, I cannot even see the ADO.Net provider.

The fact that you have tested it extensively and cannot get it to work
is disturbing...

I agree with you that Nexusdb should for the delphi developer world,
offer the source and a standard package with no deployment costs...

For the C# and VB world they should provide a package including the
nexusdb server and EM at an attractive price and go after the huge VB

It would be nice if the damn thing would work and that it was documented
well enough so that a neophyte like me could follow some instructions
and get it to work....