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Ramzi H.
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Default Re: How do I add the Nexusdb ADO.NET Provider to Visual Studio 2010?

On 14/10/2012 2:31 AM, David Guest wrote:
> I would love working code examples ...With those I could at least make
> some progress in learning to deal with C# and my many databases in a web
> world....

David, a small ASP.NET C# project has been uploaded to the binaries
group, with the title "VS2010 ADO ASP.NET simple example".

It just uses a GridView component, with an example using a
SqlDataSource, and another using an ObjectDataSource, which also
includes paging support for the grid + SQL code required to achieve
this. Also, image display works in the ObjectDataSource grid (last
column on the grid).

I hope it makes some sense!