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David Guest
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Default Re: waiting patiently

On 11/10/2013 8:34 PM, Thorsten Engler [NDA] wrote:
> David Guest wrote:
>> Anything to report at this date re the .net provider?

> I've been trying to find out for some time now why in certain cases a message
> sent sent by the managed part of the provider (sent with a single winsock
> call), arrives (received with a single winsock call) at the native part of the
> provider in the wrong order (e.g. a block of bytes that should be at the end
> arrives at the start of the message). Obviously that's causing significant
> problems, especially when using EF.NET (the larger the message, the more likely
> the problem, and EF.NET loves to generate 1000 line+ queries for the simplest
> things...)

thank you, Thorsten