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Hannes Danzl[NDD]
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Default Re: How to get the latest version?

Russ K wrote:

> > Handled via email.
> >
> > --
> > Eivind Bakkestuen
> > Nexus Database Systems Pty Ltd

> As of this moment, still no email response received. Junk and spam folders
> have also been checked.

That is strange, I've sent this mail now 3 times. Anyways, here goes the

We will have a new beta odbc driver and ado provider that will work with the
newest server executables very soon. I can send you an interims odbc driver
that was compiled for a gold support subscriber about one month ago, You will
need to use the 2.05.90 server or higher for that to work thoguh. Please let
me if you want to me to forward that to you.


Hannes Danzl [NexusDB Developer]
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