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Eivind Bakkestuen [NDD]
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Default Re: how do I use portal on different ip

> I have set up and can use portal on a customers pc. This pc has an ip
> address of in a two pc network.
> In a separate area of the premises there will be another two/three pcs
> and by deliberate choice and security purposes these will be on a
> 192.168.0.x ip address range.

I am assuming that your Portal Gateway is somewhere outside the two
customer networks you are talking about.

The local address or network of the PCs in question should not matter,
what matters is that you set up Portal Host's gateway address to point
to your router's external address (as seen from across the internet).
Assuming you are using port 80, and that these customer PCs can usually
access the internet for web browsing, it will "just work".

Eg, you register a free dynamic dns address at a company like and install their dns IP updater on the machine
you run the gateway on, you then get your own
"" address that you enter into the host,
and you're all set.

Eivind Bakkestuen [NDD]