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Default Re: Possible Problem ....

On 6/23/2011 4:01 AM, Hannes Danzl[NDD] wrote:
>> When is Hannes returning?

> I was here all the time. Just extremely busy with the 3.09 release, switching
> away from kagi to our own store solution, making the license imprinted
> download zip creation dynamic, working on SupportMe and Portal, preparing new
> releases for the ODBC driver and ADO Provider, getting the NexusDB.NET version
> closer to release, ... oh and I was on holiday for 1 week as well about 3
> weeks ago ... so yes, I'd say it's been a bit busy

I knew you were on vacation ... so without your usual comments on
everything but the kitchen sink ... I thought you might still be on

Sorry you are so busy ... but the results of all of your work look great.