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Default Re: Possible Problem ....

On 6/22/2011 8:12 PM, John Turner wrote:
> David,
> I'm expecting your ADO/ASP manual to be published soon.
> John
>> I found the problem.
>> The Adoserverconnector on the VM is 4/15/2011 and the one on the
>> production computer is dated 8/2010...
>> I stopped the ADO transport, copied the newer ADOserver connector dll to
>> the production computer, turned on the ADO transport and low and behold,
>> the application works...
>> Thanks for the help Thorsten et al....
>> PROGRESS!!!!!


Actually, I have started an example document that I intend to put into
the wiki when it is done, but I keep running into problems.

Now my problem is I tried to use a Devexpress theme with my gridviews.
It works great in the development environment, but I can't get it
working in the production environment.... The examples I have found so
far apply to web sites but not web applications...

I put the application into production without the themes ... but I want
to find a way to use them...

Web Applications done with Prism or C# are nicer than web sites, in that
everything is precompiled ... and none of the source code needs to be on
the server .... tehcnically and theoretically easier to deploy... if
only someone told you how..