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Rodrigo G?mez
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Default Re: NexusDB for C++ Builder Tokyo 10.2

Eivind wrote:
> karl;111136 Wrote:
>> Does NexusDB work with C++ Builder Tokyo 10.2? After installing the
>> trial version, I did not found any .lib files which are required for
>> earlier C++ versions.

> I believe we have some customers using Tokyo (please speak up . Note
> that successful use of C++Builder with NexusDB requires that your
> projects are built with runtime packages.

I haven't updated to it my projects, although I have it installed. Not
sure if I have installed Nexus there yet. I'm still on Berlin. I think
Shane is working with Tokyo.

Although if the problem are the missing lib files it might be an
oversight of the trial installation?

Rodrigo G?mez [NDX]
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