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Eivind Bakkestuen [NDD]
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Default Re: Current version work the NexusDB2?

> Is it possible to get the last PHP Connector that supported V2?

Yes, it is possible for us to provide older versions. However, given
that PHP is a moving target, there is no way we can guarantee that the
old connector will work with whatever PHP version you are now using. In
general, we no longer provide v2 support.

> I'm doing an integration for a client who uses a software package
> that uses V2, so I can't just upgrade to V3.

I'd suggest checking with the software package provider wether they
have a v3 upgrade or wether they have tested with a v3 nxServer. If
they are using our v2 provided binary, there is a good chance that the
server could be upgraded (a v3 server can work with v2 clients).

Eivind Bakkestuen [NDD]