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Default NexusDB and Go


I really love Object Pascal. I was started with Turbo Pascal 3 for MS DOS, but main reason why I am still using Delphi in year 2019 is NexusDB. I believe that programs must be fast, small and robust like NexusDB or NGINX.
This is main reason why I'm considering to make NexusDB driver for Go.

There is cgo Go compiler that enable linking c code with Go but this is not native way for Go. Standard aproach for Go will be connecting Go and NexusDB trough network using pure Go code.

I was also bought TMS remoteDB, but I think that using their protocol will be ilegal and protocol is not documented and can be subject of change.

So maybe creating some JSON/BSON protcol will make sense, another Idea is making protocol comatibile with MySQL or PostgreSQL.


I still need to study this protocols in deep to see if this is possible and make sense. I think that using thier protocol will be legal if I open this code.

I don't know what are NexusDB team plans, so I don't want to reinventing the wheel if you are planing to add some similar protocol.

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