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Clément Doss
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Default Update table from several tables

Hello everyone!

I hope you're all safe.

Is there any plans on supporting "update a table from another table"?

I'm using a few workarounds but the fact remains, no workarounds is as fast as
having SQL clause to do the job.

(Ex 1: Updating several fields at once)

UPDATE dest_tab tt
SET (tt.code, tt.description) = (SELECT st.code, st.description
FROM source_tab st
WHERE st.id = tt.id)
FROM source_tab
WHERE id = tt.id);

(Ex 2: Inline view )
st.code AS st_code,
st.description AS st_description
FROM dest_tab tt, source_tab st
WHERE tt.id = st.id) ilv
SET ilv.code = ilv.st_code,
ilv.description = ilv.st_description;

Those would help improve the update performance!

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jhoehne jhoehne is offline
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Default Re: Update table from several tables

There is a SQL standard for this: MERGE

MERGE INTO dest_tab tt
  USING source_tab st
  ON tt.id = st.id
  UPDATE SET tt.code = st.code, tt.description = st.description
It would really be nice if NexusDB would support MERGE.

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