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Default GATEWAY: "Session expired" followed by "1 Sessions left"

I have been using the PortalGateway of 30-june-2009 with no problems for 18 months and with 25 clients running RtcHost (some with versions dating back to 2007).

Yesterday I tried to change to the current build of PortalGateway (13-dec-2010) but I am getting problems. When looking at logged-in users with PortalControl I see all the users logging on, then they keep on logging off then re-logging on then re-loggin-off, etc...

Typically this happens every 40 seconds.

Looking at the PortalGateway logs I get the following typical entries:

2011-02-04 17:49:45; QV_WS2 []: Login check
2011-02-04 17:49:45; QV_WS2 []: LOGGED IN
2011-02-04 17:49:51; QV_WS2 []: Login check
]2011-02-04 17:49:53; QV_WS2 []: HOST START
2011-02-04 17:50:32; QV_WS2: Session expired
2011-02-04 17:50:32; QV_WS2: 1 Sessions left

What do the above mean (in particular "1 Sessions left") ?

Is the latest build of PortalGateway incompatible with some earlier RtcHost.exe builds from 2007 and 2008 ?

Best regards,


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