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Gary Naughton
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Default V1.07 Insert & Add Record Failure

Hi Team,

I've tried two approaches to add records to Nexus tables with Nx ODBC driver
1.7 via VB6. Both fail?
Problem 1.
I cannot insert records via ADODB command object. Code runs fine (no errors
reported) but data doesn't appear in the table.
Problem 2.
I cannot add field data to a record after ADODB 'Addnew' command. Every
field throws error: (Multiple-step operation generated errors. Check each
status value.). Field types and length check out OK.

The relevant VB6 code I am using follows: (I have left out DIM's to simplfy)

'Nexus connection object
Set cnn2 = New ADODB.Connection
With cnn2
.Mode = adModeReadWrite
.ConnectionTimeout = 60
.Open gsConNXA 'gsConSQL
.CursorLocation = adUseClient
End With

'Nexus command object
Set cmdDoProcNx = New ADODB.Command
Set cmdDoProcNx.ActiveConnection = cnn2
cmdDoProcNx.CommandType = adCmdText
cmdDoProcNx.CommandTimeout = 60
'Open table for Adding Records. Tried various adOpen & adLock alternatives
rstTempNx.Open QueryTxt, cnn2, adOpenKeyset, adLockBatchOptimistic,
'Although Addnew works: This attempt threw an error when attempting to
add data to any field.
With rstTempNx
.Fields("ClassID") = "ENB10SSKD"
.Fields("Date") = "17/09/2007"
.Fields("Slot") = 5
.Fields("Rm") = "IT2"
End With
'Attempt to insert records via ADODB Command object
QueryTxt = "INSERT INTO ""RMCHANGE"" (""ClassID"", ""Date"", ""Slot"",
""Rm"") VALUES('" & !ClassID & "', '" & !Date & "', " & !Slot & ", '" & !Rm
& "')"
'Example of Literal QueryTxt string is:
'INSERT INTO "RMCHANGE" ("ClassID", "Date", "Slot", "Rm")
VALUES('INB09MSEA', '17/09/2007', 4, 'J04')
cmdDoProcNx.CommandText = QueryTxt
'This throws no error BUT data doesn't appear in the target table??

Gary Naughton.

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