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Gary Naughton
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Default Re:Again: Insert, Add Record Fails via VB6

Hi Hannes,
I have tried both V1.0.7.0 & V1.0.7.3; Not V1.0.8 as stated Sorry :-(. Not
sure of exact server version but ODBC driver V1.0.8 will not work with it,
which is why I had to go back to V1.0.7.
OS is Windows XP Pro. Date/Time setting is English/Australian (dd/mm/yyyy).
Using the ADODB command object appears to work and will throw an error when
attempting to insert a duplicate record. This is correct as the table has an
index preventing duplicates. But when I Select from the table the new record
fails to appear. Am thinking it might be in a buffer somewhere but I'm not
using transactions. The method I am using works with MS SQL Server.
Any suggestions appreciated,
Gary Naughton.

> Gary Naughton wrote:
>> Hi Team,
>> I've tried two approaches to add records to Nexus tables with Nx ODBC
>> driver
>> 1.8 via VB6. Both fail?

> Gary, as asked before: what exact build of the ODBC driver and NexusDB
> Server
> are you using. Further if the date field is a real date field I'd to know
> which OS and the date/time locale settings.
> --
> Hannes Danzl [NexusDB Developer]

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