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Default ANN: NexusDB v2 Public Beta 7

Public beta 7 is now available via links below.

Most problems reported for earlier betas should be fixed (see list at

Please use our news://news.nexusdb.com/nexusdb.beta.nxdb2 newsgroup to
report issues and discuss the Public Beta.

Delphi 2005:

Delphi 7:

Delphi 6:

Delphi 5:

C++Builder 6:



fixes in this beta:

No. Summary
1097 EM doesn't save the choosen Font in Query Options / Properties =>
Global Defaults. I usually use fixed width fonts for SQL, s...
1095 CAST(MYTIMESTAMP AS TIME) should work
1094 Various FiledescriptorEditor problems
1092 Deleting child table does not remove internal descriptor editors
1091 Crash when inserting 10.000 records with trigger active
1090 Comparing TIMESTAMP values fails
1085 IProvider support is broken
1084 Problem resolving name when calling procedure from trigger
1083 Ensure that system views show the full 128 characters in identifiers
1082 COM transport officially deprecated
1081 #INDICES view needs an ISDEFAULT column to mark primary keys
1080 Problem comparing blobs in triggers
1079 Problem with lifetime handling of #temporary table
1074 Evaluate the use of IDENTITY keyword as a function
1073 Readonly dataset returned when ORDER BY is used and RequestLive is
1072 INSERT...DEFAULT VALUES makes IDENTITY not return the actual value
1071 Change ExecSql/Sql property case back to ExecSQL/SQL to support BCB
1064 Problem with insert statement in user-defined function
1062 Setting RecNo to 1 does not go to first record
1061 Table cant be deleted from script; returns "Table is open" error
1060 SQL statements cause assertions
1059 CAST(1.5 as Integer) should truncate, not round
1058 Problem with correlation in UPDATE
1057 Adding alias makes database list become duplicated
1056 RequestLive not working correctly when comparing a field against null
1055 Deleting one row in the field descriptor list actually deletes two
1054 Assertion executing SQL
1053 Setting filename in Event Log page has no effect
1048 System tables should be opened as read only if the containing
database is read only
1047 Evaluate default NULL ordering
1046 CHECK constraint is incorrectly checked when a column is set to null
1045 Delphi's ROUND() function uses 'bankers rounding' while SQL should
1044 Server Treeview redraw problem
1040 RowsAffected does not work in a regular multi-statement qurey
1028 ReallocMem should not be used on NXMM allocated memory
1020 Problem with trigger containing multiple INSERT statements
1013 Query ealuation/column name scope
1004 Implement default RESTRICT drop behaviour
998 Add first indexed field to list when adding an index to dictionary
984 Deleting a subtable from server tree gives invalid table name error
881 SELECT ... Field <> 'AAA' fails to include record with Field = 'BBB'
861 Manual item that lists all known limits (table size, fields per table,
etc etc)
856 Delphi 5 problems with variants (especially in SQL engine) should be
852 If a subfolder of a database folder has the extension .nx1, then it
shows up as a table when iterating tables
850 Accessing temporary memory table gives "table does not exist"
816 Edit shortcuts doesnt work in "Rename Table" mode
810 Add readonly Path property to TnxServerFolder
809 Remove code that checks for presence of report engine dll
807 Doing Set Autoinc followed by Reindex results in "cant perform this
operation on an open dataset"
799 Query browser timeout problem
795 TnxBackupController: option to store In-Memory tables to disk
783 SELECT T2.* from #T1 join #T2 using(T2_id); returns a field from T1
762 Check clipboard commands in table browser filter combobox
646 Manual correction
645 Method to Insert field at specific position in dictionary
644 Display recordsize in View dictionary
596 Fix Server Logging of events
590 Set Default parameter type in parameter dialog to ftString
539 Expose function to set the used length of the last stringfield in a
SetRange() call.
362 Display field/index # in grid
350 Manual issues
253 Empty All Tables command on database in Server window


Eivind Bakkestuen [NDD]
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