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Eivind Bakkestuen [NDD]
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Default Step by step guide to combine VS Community 2015, Entity Framework and NX provider

Below are the steps to get things rolling. Reply here if something is
not clear or is not working for you.

Prerequisite: Visual Studio Community 2015 installed

Run NexusDB Visual Studio Pack installer, use default settings

Start NexusDB Server (Interactive) from desktop icon
Create a new directory on a drive
In NexusDB Server, add an alias called Northwind, pointing to the new

Start NexusDB Enterprise Manager from desktop icon
Browse in treeview at left to the Northwind alias and make it the
active item
Press F4 to open an SQL window
Press Ctrl+O and browse to the "Sample Databases" subdirectory of the
VS Pack install directory, open the Northwind.SQL file
Press Ctrl+E to execute the script and create the database. In a few
seconds you will have tables populated with data.

Start VS Community 2015
open the Server Explorer
right-click the Data Connection node and choose Add Connection
The NexusDB ADO.NET Provider should be available in the Add Connection
dialog, either by being the default provider, or by clicking the
Change... button.
On the next page of the dialog, enter the IP address or DNS name of
your NexusDB Server machine, enter Northwind in the Database field, and
click Test Connection.
If all has gone to plan, you should be seeing a "Test succeeded"
Click OK to close the add connection dialog.
You may now browse the database, retrieve data, etc, to test the
database connection. Do this step, as you'll be reusing this connection
for the Entity Framework setup.

In VS, create a new C#/windowsform application

Open the Visual Studio Pack Documentation link on your desktop
In the Entity Framework Support help file topic, follow all the steps
from the "Install Entity Framework in your project" heading onward,
exactly, in the order written. Make sure to select some (or all) tables
to include in the model.
Right-click the References node in the solution explorer, and add
NexusDB.ADOProvider and NexusDB.ADOProvider.Linq as references to the
After the above, you should have a model of the database tables in the
VS IDE. You may now run the empty application as a test, before you
start using EF in earnest.

Eivind Bakkestuen [NDD]

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