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Default From Nx V3 Client to Nx Server through Internet Router


I have been trying hard to have it working, but I won't make it without your help.

I have a NexusDB V3 server running as a service on a W2003-R2 server on my local network.

The local network is centered on an broadband Internet router which I received from my provider. The W2003-R2 server connects to the router through a wire, and accesses the Internet through the router.

The network adapter is configured as a "Public interface connected to the Internet" with "Active NAT on the interface" selected, and "Activate basic firewall on this interface". In the "Ports and services" tab, I created the following services:
  • NexusDB; On this interface; TCP protocol; Entry port: 16000; Private address:; Out port: 16000
  • NexusDB_Admin; On this interface; TCP protocol; Entry port: 10088; Private address:; Out port: 10088

My client application connects properly to the server after I made the above configuration steps. Within the application, I have the following property definition:
  • TnxWinsockTransport.ServerNameRuntime := 'NexusDB_Srv@

There I come to the point: I would like to have this working over the Internet.

In order to do this, I configured NAT port forwarding on my Internet router as follows:
  • Fwd_NexusDb; Protocol: TCP; Type: port; External port: 16000; Destination address:; destination port: 16000
  • Fwd_NexusDb_Admin; Protocol: TCP; Type: port; External port: 10088; Destination address:; destination port: 10088

Then, I set the WinsockTransport in my client application as follows:
  • TnxWinsockTransport.ServerNameRuntime := 'NexusDB_Srv@' (fake address)

And from there, my client application refuses to connect to the Nx server.

Also, if I try to reach the NexusDB Server Administration web interface with the address (same fake address) and port, it fails.

I would be grateful if someone who already faced this kind of trouble could share his experience.



Jerome Lioret
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Default Solved: From Nx V3 Client to Nx Server through Internet Router


after a little more thinking, I tried to connect to my W2003-R2 server using a different Internet connection, and it works.

So the configuration steps I described before are all right.

The point is that I couldn't go out to the Internet with the same router I was experting to go through to connect remotely to my NexusDB server.


Jerome Lioret

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