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Default encoding / decoding html get parameter


I am using a nxscript as webapp under v3, it is working properly. But there is a topic with html get paramters and german umlauts (??????).

I have added a parameter, which is used in a sql query later:


The umlaut is encoded by the browser (H%C3%B6xter), once it is received by the server I am not able to decode it.

urldecode is not working out of the box, maybe I have to include something "before"

[Error] (55:17): Unknown identifier 'URLDecode'

Also tried urlencode, nothing happened

TnxHTTPRequest = class(TnxLoggableComponent)
// URL encode a string
function ServerEncode(aString:string):String;
// URL decode a string
function UrlEncode(const aString: String): String;

Do you have an idea?

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