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Darren Reist
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Default Connection String for ADO Connection

Using ADODB, what is the appropriate connection string for a DSNless
connection to a NEXUS DB V1, using the ODBC Driver pack v1.

Thanks for your Help

Old 12th September 2006, 09:48 AM
Hannes Danzl[NDD]
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Default Re: Connection String for ADO Connection

Darren Reist wrote:

> Using ADODB, what is the appropriate connection string for a DSNless
> connection to a NEXUS DB V1, using the ODBC Driver pack v1.

Something along the lines:

Driver};Server=NexusDB@;Transport=TCP;Dat abase=AliasName;

Here's the full list of recognized items:

the transport to use
possible string values: 'TCP', 'Internal', 'Named Pipes'
Internal means direct access to the data files, note that this
tries to start an internal server engine and only work for *ONE*
client instance at any given time.
(default: 'TCP')
the Server name in the form nexusdb@serveraddressorname for tcp and
and ServerName for named pipes; not used for internal
(default: nexusdb@
integer value for the port for TCP
(default: 16000)
SQL Timeout in ms
(default: 10000 [10 sec])
the database alias for tcp and named pipes
or the directory path for internal server
User Name and passwordfor logging on to a secured server
(default: '')
BlockRead Size in bytes. Set to zero to disable Blockreads
Compression Type; 0 is none, 1 RLE compression,
2-10 zip compression with 10 is max compression (slowest

Additionally you can force a query to use a different timeout by using the
<PARAMS>Timout=value</PARAMS> tag in the query text. Value is the timeout
value in ms.


Hannes Danzl [NexusDB Developer]
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