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Default ANN: NexusDB v2 Public Beta 6

Public beta 6 is now available via links below.

Most problems reported for earlier betas should be fixed (see list at

Delphi 2005:

Delphi 7:

Delphi 6:

Delphi 5:

C++Builder 6:



Please use our news://news.nexusdb.com/nexusdb.beta.nxdb2 newsgroup to
report issues and discuss the Public Beta.

fixes in this beta:

No. Summary

1042 Check for SQL 2003 conformity for return types of SUM and AVG
1041 Using the Nexus TTable component to insert records into a table. If
the insertion violates the unique key, then the compone...
1039 Dont try to reindex virtual indexes
1038 Assertion when closing filehandle of readonly table after attempting
to post
1035 SQL function to return the number of rows affected by the last
1034 Show server status in tray icon
1033 Invalid Table Name - Leading Trailing spaces not allowed when opening
field editor on TnxMemTable
1032 Coco-R problem generating widestring support code
1031 Empty Table from the popupmenu while table is open in browser gives
"control has no parent" error
1029 Server returns "insufficient table rights" to already logged in
client after minimizing in secure mode
1025 General blob error when posting record with changed blob through Live
SQL dataset
1023 CREATE INDEX ... NULLS FIRST gives descriptor with NullBehaviour =
1022 CREATE UNIQUE INDEX on field with duplicate values leaves the index
in the dictionary
1021 When I try to access NexusDB2 server...
1019 Source string data is too wide for the target field error when
updating table with audit trigger
1017 Method not implemented error when using trigger
1016 Invalid check condition
1015 Field type selection with keyboard impossible
1014 File descriptor editor problems
1012 nxSqlEngine/nxdb protocol mismatch
1011 Undocking the server window makes servers show up multiple times in
1010 Problems anchoring windows
1009 Allow multiple NULL values for UNIQUE index
1008 "Master record is missing" when referencing column is NULL
1007 AV when closing after stopping remote server
1006 RETURN clause accepts invalid values
1005 Identifier names may start with any valid identifier char except
1003 Allow USER/CURRENT_USER/SESSION_USER as field default value
1002 Record engine always shows 'Variable' in the Dictionary view
1001 Referential constraints should not be checked for rows having NULL in
a FK column
1000 Problem with Set Null referential action
999 Doing "Change password" without opening table gives "cannot perform
this operation on closed dataset"
997 SQL datetime arithmetic problems
996 Checking boxes in the summary statistics list using the spacebar
doesnt work
995 Summary statistics update problems
994 Server GUI updating needs optimization
993 Views return TRUE for TnxQuery.CanModify when RequestLive is True
991 UNION with blob field causes block number out of range error
990 Posting international characters into nxtChar field via
TnxSqlUpdateObject fails
981 Server compiled with Delphi 6 triggers variant exceptions on startup
975 Table could not be opened problem in SQL script when server's
CloseInactiveTables option is checked
965 Named Pipe is red in treeview and Active checkbox unchecked; still
says "component currently active" at bottom of panel
953 Server statistic issues/wishes
949 StartTransactionWith wrongly doc'ed as Procedure instead of Function
927 Server statistics: Unable to locate "processor" performace object
906 Need GetTableNames... method that can separate system tables from
normal tables
903 Problems activating SQL Triggers
902 Problems when saving Settings in Server (the config file disappeared)
877 DeleteRecords does not check timeout value and does not allow server
to shut down if long-running
876 Problem when quoting table alias
871 GROUP BY fails if field is different case from SELECT
860 Server/Service should save config changes as soon as they are made
794 Setting ServerName in the init file does not work; EM still shows
754 GUI inconsistency with NamedPipe protocol
727 The non-service server should disregard the secure server checkbox for
UI operations, if there are no admin users defined.
669 Param.AsBlob() fails on pre-XP systems due to winapi bug, need
659 Components should not attempt to send messages to the server when they
are Close()'d if the connection is lost
631 Support SELECT across multiple databases
609 Add config setting to use only particular IP interface
531 TnxBackupController uses wrong TDataActions
527 Check Restore from Read-Ony medium
450 RegisteredCOM transport now has statistics items in server UI, but
they don't seem to change when the transport is used
408 produce espresso from the cd drive into a coffee mug
400 Canceling pack operation grayes out menu items
213 Error running high-lighted SQL statement in Multi-statement script;
error positioning is done from top of script instead of s...
23 NIC Selection at the Transport level


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