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Default PHP driven webpage to access NexusDB on another server


My client runs an application I wrote which uses NexusDB, and within his database he has his customer records. He would like to provide for his customers a webpage where they can look up information: imagine an accounting package where they can see their balance, and download statements and invoices.

The webserver is Apache utilising PHP, and is not on the LAN of the NexusDB server. (The webpage is hosted, and NexusDB is on my client's PC.) I appreciate there will be latency issues as requests are made and fulfilled between the PHP & NexusDB, and that isn't too concerning - under 30 seconds would be acceptable.

What would be the best means to communicate between the webserver and NexusDB server? AJAX & JavaScript are available if needed. I envision a rather simple site where on the first page they login with their credentials (which are confirmed by NexusDB) which shows them the next page of their personal information. This will also need to be SSL / HTTPS - but once I have it implemented I'll worry about the certificate aspects. Obviously all traffic will need to be secure, but again, I just want to get it working first! (And then there's CloudFlare!!)

As the webserver is on a Linux host that [may] rule out many of the solutions I've seen here, like Intraweb. I would prefer using native PHP unless you say that's an extremely bad solution for this.

If anyone could please provide a sample of working code, it need be no more than typing a word in an HTML <input type="text"> and confirming that text exists in the NexusDB table - that would show the full traffic from webpage to database and back again. Sorry if that's too presumptuous - I just feel a Proof Of Concept explains so much more than anything else.

Also appreciate I spent hours searching through all these forums for a specific answer to this, so hopefully I haven't missed anything too obvious! Again to state, running the webhost provided by nxServer.Exe is not an option, sorry.


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