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Default how do I use portal on different ip


This question my require help beyond normal portal help, I hope you can help.

I have set up and can use portal on a customers pc. This pc has an ip address of in a two pc network.

In a separate area of the premises there will be another two/three pcs and by deliberate choice and security purposes these will be on a 192.168.0.x ip address range.

I thought I could use a second router to allow me to use the two network ranges in such a way that I could access both network ranges and use portal on both network ip ranges via the first (normal 10.0.0.x internet connected router) I do realise that the 10.0.0.x is not the WAN ip etc.

I was hoping that both portal programs would be able to access the internet to connect to the support gateway via the first router (the router on the working 10.0.0.x ip range).

I could then provide support to both sets of pcs.

I thought I knew how to setup two routers to do this, but my attempts to set up the routers has not been successful, I assume I am doing something wrong or not doing something that needs to be done.

Can anyone offer some advice on how the routers need to be setup and is there anything "special" I need to set/do with portal to allow this two network method to function?

I can use one of the pcs to provide DHCP services if the second router has to be configured without DHCP.

Essentially I want to keep both networks isolated but still be able to access portal on both networks.

Thank you

Kind regards

Kind Regards


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