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Anders Gustavsson
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Default Use of SupportMe!

How are your experiences in practical work with SupportMe?

My company has around 10 licenses of a commercial support tool, that we
now have to exchange for some other commercial package, because the one
we use has been bought and will be buried. The replacement doesn't seem
to suit us very well, so SupportMe came into my mind. Unfortunately I
haven't got much time to investigate it further.

Many packages like this today make a point out of "nothing to install".
That means all connections start with downloading the client software,
and we would like to avoid that. Our present package allows us to
distribute the client, the replacement doesn't - at least not completely.

What I specifically want to know is if anyone has experience with the
use of the SupportMe component in environments with support staff and
some simultaneous connections? Is there much extra work to be done to
make the setup easy to use, everyone knowing who to connect to and
things like that?

Grateful for all hints...


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