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Martin Brekhof
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Default Re: Strategical thougts about new projects

> an ERP application for small and
> medium sized businesses (luckily enough it's an imaginary project <g>).

Now what happens if we for a moment forget our development tools and the
biased way we probably look at the world? Did anyone say Novell/Suse? I
spoke to some Oracle/Hewlett Packard guys the other day and they not only
knew MySQL and (to my surprise) Postgresql, they consider them to be a real
PITA in about 2/3 years time.

I, to my surprise, received a mailing today from Novell which included 6CD's
containing Suse Basic Server, Novell stuff etc. Basically an unlimited
server OS including a multi user client server database free with the mail.
Guess what will happen?


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