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Danijel Tkalcec
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Default ANN: RealThinClient SDK v6.27 released

RealThinClient SDK v6.27 has been released, introducing a Chat Client with a
shared Whiteboard. All participants in a Chat Room can now send Text
messages to other participants and share a Whiteboard for freehand drawing.
This example demonstrates the use of the new TRtcGateway and
TRtctHttpGateClient components for fast message dispatching between Clients
connected to a Gateway (Server).

When a user is drawing on the White-board, messages are sent to the Gateway
and dispatched to all Clients in the Group, then used by each Client to
update their drawing in near-real-time. All users can draw on the
White-board at the same time, without interference from other users. It's
like sharing a Canvas where each user has its own Pen for drawing.

All developers with an active RealThinClient subscription can download this
update from the RTC Support Forums:

Anyone who does NOT have an active RealThinClient subscription, but would
like to try the Whiteboard feature, please download the RemGear Client v0.10
(pre-aplha) and test it out:

This RemGear Client is configured to work with our Test Gateway, so there is
no need to have your own Gateway running. You can simply start a few RemGear
Clients on any number of machines connected to the internet, exchange
Clients IDs and invite Users to Chat/Whiteboard Sessions.?

Best Regards,
Danijel Tkalcec
RealThinClient components

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