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Default nxRemoteServerEngine.Transport.ActualBytesReceived


I am using the nxRemoteServerEngine.Transport.ActualBytesReceived and related values to log network traffic, and it works really nicely.

However, I am starting to suspect that I misunderstood the meaning of "received" and "sent". I thought it was as seen from the server (ie. "received" referred to bytes that the server received from the client), but looking at some recent logs it seems that in fact "received" means what is received from the server by my client application, and vice-versa for "sent".

Can someone confirm ?

Very best regards,

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Eivind Bakkestuen [NDD]
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Default Re: nxRemoteServerEngine.Transport.ActualBytesReceived

> Can someone confirm ?

No need to complicate , it literally means the bytes *this particular
transport* has received or sent.

So, on the client side, received does mean "received from server".

Eivind Bakkestuen [NDD]
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Thank you very much.

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