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Markus Hundt
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Default Cannot establish server connection


cannot guess what's my mistake:

DotNETProvider 124, NexusDB Server 3.10.04 running as service, Windows 7
64Bit, Visual Studio Shell 2010 (Delphi Prism),

- ADOServerConnectorV3.dll resides in 'bin'-directory of Nexus Server
- 'ADO/.NET Connector' is active in NexusDB V3 Administration
- 'isSecure'-option at server is set

Connection Settings in Visual Studio Server-Explorer
- Server name ist nexusdb@
- Database is Nortwind
- Port is 16080 (same as ADO/.NET Connector Settings)
- native transport: false
- embedded server: false
- User name: test
- Password: test

Message from Studio: (translated from german) 'The index was out of
range. It must not be negative and smaller than the list. Parameter
name: startIndex'
(Original Message: "Der Index lag au├čerhalb des Bereichs. Er muss nicht
negativ und kleiner als die Auflistung sein. Parametername: startIndex")

Next Try with 'native Transport' and Port 16010 (matching configuration
of Server's TCP/IPv4 Transport)

Message from Studio: NexusDB:<unnamed TnxSession instance>: Unknown user
name or password. [$2734/10036]

Of course user 'test' with password 'test' exists in Users, has
sufficent rights and settings and works with EM without problems.

Any advice would be welcome


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Any suggestions, anybody?

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No reactions at all? After more than a week?
Somewhat disappointing...

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Somehow it seems to me users of adoprovider are damned to soliloquise...

For the interested (if any):

My own testing and trying suggests until now, that the NexusDB ADO/.NET Connector 124 can only connect with the native transport to a non-secure server (flag "isSecure" not set).

That means for me, that this product is close to unusable in its present condition, while support at the same time is near to not present.

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Ramzi H.
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Default Re: Cannot establish server connection

Markus, I'm not sure if this will help, but I have been using the trial
version of the ADO.NET adapter for about a week now in VS2010, with C# +
ASP.NET, and it's working fine, mostly.

The Nexus server version is 3.10.04, and running as service in Windows 7
64Bit as well.

Here is what I have in a typical generic data access function, tested
with 'Is-secure' enabled and disabled in the server, and it works fine:

DbProviderFactory factory =
DbProviderFactories.GetFactory("NexusDB.ADOProvide r");
DbConnection myConnection = factory.CreateConnection();
myConnection.ConnectionString =
"Server=nexusdb@;Database=TESTDB;Port=1 6080;Native=False;Embedded=False;UserName=TestUser ;PassWord=TestPass";

DbCommand myCommand = factory.CreateCommand();
myCommand.Connection = myConnection;
myCommand.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM TestTable WHERE EntryID = 1";


using (DbDataReader myReader = myCommand.ExecuteReader())
if (myReader.Read())
// use the returned data


Hope that helps.


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Ramzi, thank you for your advice.

Sadly i got the same error at the moment, myConnection.Open() was executed.

But thanks anyway

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I should have searched the Bugtracker earlier, instead of reading the documentation (sic) and wasting time trying (sic):

Obviously i ran into #1339, #1340 et al.


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