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Default RecordCount 0, IsEmpty false

D2007. NexusDB 3.09

I have a situation where i delete records in a table using a cursor and then check with another cursor on the same table but using a different index and a range if the table is empty. It seems that this way of deleting records makes IsEmpty not reliable since i have a recordcount of 0 and IsEmpty false.

TB1 has one record.

TB1.Delete; // index A

TB2.SetRange([Key],[Key]); // index B

Here TB2.RecordCount = 0 which is correct but TB2.IsEmpty is false.

If i move the cursor after TB2.SetRange by issuing a TB2.First then IsEmpty returns true. ( Somehow i thought that SetRange was doing an implicit First )

Is this wad or something wrong with my code?

If i move the cursor after TB2.SetRange by issuing a TB2.First then IsEmpty returns true.

I uploaded a little project in the binaries (CheckIsEmpty.zip) that reproduces this.

Denis Prince
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Denis Prince
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Default Re: RecordCount 0, IsEmpty false

I get the same results with FlashFiler 2.53.

To show this I create a table Test.nx1 with 2 fields: A shortstring 10,
B integer.

Sequential access, NoIdx (Field: No), NameIdx ( Field Name)

2 records :

'A' 1
'B' 1

2 cursors

TB1 indexname ''
TB2 indexname NoIdx


if TB1.IsEmpty then // table still has 1 record left


if TB1.IsEmpty then // table has no record left (TB1.Recordcount = 0)
Exit; // never gets called because IsEmpty is false

In this case (TB1.Recordcount = 0) is more reliable then TB1.IsEmpty.

Denis Prince

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