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Eivind Bakkestuen [NDD]
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Default ANN: NexusDB v2 Public Beta 5

Public beta 5 is now available via links below.

Most problems reported for earlier betas should be fixed (see list at
bottom). BCB 6 support is coming within a couple of days.

Delphi 2005:

Delphi 7:

Delphi 6:

Delphi 5:



Please use our news://news.nexusdb.com/nexusdb.beta.nxdb2 newsgroup to
report issues and discuss the Public Beta.

fixes in this beta:

No. Summary
989 CharToBuffer fails with invalid field length
988 Dictionary browser needs warning when closing with changes in edit mode
986 MM does not work with JCL v1.22; starting server or EM gives Invalid
pointer ops and AVs
985 Deleting a subtable from dictionarybrowser fails to remove table from
983 AV in TnxSqlTableProxy.GetIndexProperties with RequestLive = True
980 Variant error converting OleStr to Date with SQL Params
978 AV in TnxServerRootTable.srtSetReason when running SMPTest
977 Opening table over Shared Memory transport gives range check error in
976 RecoverRecords fails with "table is read only" and does not handle this
properly after this (continues with AVs inside server)
972 DevEx component does not allow editing Time part of DateTime field as
971 Evaluate inconsistency between UNIQUE on table and on index
970 Problem creating multiple triggers
967 Table referenced by RI should not be allowed to DROP
966 AV when running SQL script
964 Starting EM on Win98 results in "win32 error in
963 Assertion in nxseIndexEngineStaticKeyBstarTree line 1987 (browsing table
after SQL Delete statement)
962 LIKE problems
961 Problems with CHECK constraints on column level
960 Index out of bounds when using Request Live Dataset in query window
958 TnxServerDatabase.TableRecover uses the Dictionary variable before it is
957 Selecting query with toolbar combo did not work
956 AV when clicking next/prev database connection in query browser if no
previous query opened
955 AV when trying to open exclusively locked table in 2nd EM instance
954 Higher dict version required when adding locale descriptor to v1 table
and restructuring
952 Right-click menu disappears
950 Names of Views are case-sensitive when used in queries
948 Delphi 5 gives internal error compiling nxllDataMessageQueue
947 Tablebrowser does not update the browse pane title when using the "Next
table" commaand
944 Assertion triggered when running SQL script with memtable
943 Parser has trouble with INTO
935 Unexpected error raised when opening remote SQL resultset
921 Popupmenu stays on top after switching to another app using the mouse
907 Live backup does not work


Eivind Bakkestuen [NDD]
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