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Default Access NexusDB from Visual Studio 2019


I have only been working with NexusDB from Delphi before. Now I want to be able to access NexusDB from a .NET app. This is to be performed on a dev. machine that has Visual Studio 2019 but does not contain any Delphi version. It does however contain a software of our own that has a nxServer runtime (and some databases). I am unsure what is needed for the development. I tried to install first a NexusDB Professional (matching the version of our own software) followed by NexusDB_V4_Visual_Studio_Pack_Standard_build321.ex e, but it said it did not identify any supported Visual Studio environment (which maybe is not so surprising since the installer is from 2018). I did not find any newer installer on your download site.

Please advise on how I should proceed with this. E.g. can you manually use the installed files from VS2019 somehow, or are there ways to connect to the database without the Visual Studio Pack? My own experience with .NET and Visual Studio is a bit limited I am afraid, I have only worked with non-DB applications before in that environment.

Best regards

Magnus Oskarsson

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