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Default Strange Behavior on Indices choice using current_date alias

Hello guys I found something strange in the index choice for some query that are using "current_date".

I did not test other alias.

For example we have this test table with 2 indices :

- 1 using int + date
- 1 using date only

/* TEST */
"Date_" DATE
CREATE INDEX "Index_INT_DATE" ON "TEST"("Int_", "Date_");

Let see what index are used when I query those :

SELECT * FROM "TEST" where int_ = 1 and date_ >= current_date ; // use Index_DATE => WRONG
SELECT * FROM "TEST" where int_ = 1 and date_ = current_date ; // use Index_INT_DATE => GOOD
SELECT * FROM "TEST" where int_ = 1 and date_ > DATE '2020-01-15'; // use Index_INT_DATE => GOOD

It seems using "Date_ > current_date" (or "Date_ < current_date") makes nexus use a "bad index" (not the best)

Querying "Date_> DATE '2020-01-15'" is working fine.

Hopes you understand


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