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Default ->Export to SQLite?

a stupid question, but one of my apps could actually be ported to
iPhones and iPads. For this I would need to be able to write to
SQLite databases, which are the iOS standard. For now it's just
exporting form Nexus to SQLite. I don't need (yet) to get back
iOS info back to Nexus.
Is there any tool to do this, includign blobs? Or I'm better off
writing such a utility myself?

Thanks for any adivce.

M.Sc. in Geophysics

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Franz-Leo Chomse [NDX]
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Default Re: ->Export to SQLite?

>Is there any tool to do this, includign blobs? Or I'm better off
>writing such a utility myself?

If you want to write it yourself to have full control, the UNIDAC
controls support both Nexus Db and SQLite.

Regards from Germany

Franz-Leo Chomse [NexusDB Expert]
franz.leo.chomse@ndx.nexusdb_x.com (please remove "_x" to reply)

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