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Default Re: Accessing Databases via Internet

On 2019-09-10 5:13 PM, Rodrigo Gómez wrote:
> It works!
> I have several customers using similar setups, either with Remote
> Desktop Services directly or with more advanced solutions, like Citrix
> or GoGlobal. I'm not sure what's the advantage of the later... probably
> more security/customization, or something similar? But the solution at
> the end is more or less the same, so it works.
> It has another advantage: you can use non-Windows devices without
> needing a native client app.
> Regards,

Thanks Rodrigo

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Hi Wolfgang

I see you are in South Africa. Same here. If your clients are using Sage Partner or similar you must email me on let at iafrica dot com.

Maybe I can assist in other ways.


Ericus Steyn
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John Turner
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Default Re: Accessing Databases via Internet

On 9/8/2019 8:57 AM, Wolfgang wrote:
> I have a Client, who owns 10 Branches for Motor Spares.
> Each Branch should be able to access the Databases of all other Branches
> to establish if a required Part is in stock elsewhere.
> Is this possible via DynDNs? If so, how would one access the relevant
> server?
> Something like NexusDb ad compmark dot DynDNS dot biz?
> I have used DynDNS before, but that was a long time ago. Is it enough to
> Port forward 16000?
> Alternatively, there are Static IP Addresses available for a fee, which
> would possibly a better way to do it, but that is totally new ground for
> me.
> If any of you have done this before, I would be eternally grateful, if
> you could give me some pointers.
> Kins Regards
> Wolfgang
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I have several client apps that use the embedded NexusDB engine for
local processing. The apps can update themselves from a remote
centralized static IP server as needed. The bi-directional update
process uses direct queries to conditionally update very small tables,
but utilizes the backup component with compression to overwrite very
large tables- as is the case for remote price list updates. Speed is
good- 2 minutes on average transferring ~200 MB each time on a 500Mbs
download, 22Mbps upload 19ms link talking to a heavily loaded Nexus
server serving local apps as well.

Hope this provides some perspective.


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