Aliases are named references to file system paths. An AliasPath is a direct reference to a specific file system path. The TnxDatabase component has an AliasName and an AliasPath property. These properties are mutually exclusive. Use the AliasName property when Aliases are defined in the nxServer.exe. For embedded deployments, simply specify an AliasPath in the TnxDatabase component.

The nxTrans.cfg file is created in every directory that is configured as a NexusDB alias for two reasons:

it marks the directory as "in use"
it stores the highest LSN (Log Sequence Number) of all tables

In general, the file is locked by a server if it has a lock on a database folder (i.e. directory). It will be locked once you have made a TnxDatabase component active. In the default settings this lock stays until the last TnxDatabase instance pointing to this directory is closed and the server decided it's not worthwhile anymore to cache this database. If you want the server to immediately unlock databases and tables, when the last instance pointing to it is closed, you can enforce this on the Server Engine configuration screen on the server by enabling the CloseInactiveTables or CloseInactiveFolders setting. The latter releases the lock on a folder and thus the nxTrans.cfg file when no tables are open.

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