NexusDB Server AWE edition brings you the possibilities of 64-bit computing to your Win-32 or Win-64 operating system NOW! It breaks the dreaded 2 GB barrier and can use all the memory (that your operating system has access to) for your database server.

This version works for 3 hours, after that the server will need to be restarted. If you need more contiguous time for testing, please send us an email to sales at

Note: If you already have a licensed version of NexusDB Server v3.11.1 or newer, you do not need to download the trial server. In this case you may use the version of NexusDB Server you already have, and follow the instructions in the PDF file below.

In order to enable the use of AWE, please follow the instructions in the PDF file (also included in the zip file).

Apart from the 3 hours run time, there are NO other limitations to this versions.

You can freely distribute this trial server to your customers, just make them aware that this is a time limited version.

Download NexusDB AWE Server Trial

NexusDB Server AWE Edition Setup.pdf191.16 KB
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