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This went absolutely flawless and perfect. Thanks to some good planning and nice scripts from Thorsten when it was originally installed.

We have organized subversion like this:


In the subversion main folder we've a RegisterSVN.bat which registers a service using a certain version.

sc stop svnserve
sc delete svnserve
sc create svnserve binpath= "C:\Subversion\1.6.6\bin\svnserve.exe --service

These days most CMS, store solutions, forums, etc run with MySQL databases - so do our solutions (Drupal, VBForums, Mantis, MediaWiki). Thus an integral part of relocating services is to get the databases across to the new server.

One tends to think: "No issues. MySQL has simple backup or dump functionality". Correct, it has. And they work fine. Until you actually try to restore your data. Then you suddenly realize that something is just not quite right.

Well there we go. Tried to install PHP into IIS7 as ISAPI using the windows installer from their web site. At first glance everything looks fine - but wait!

Running phpinfo() tells me it's running on FastCGI. What the ?!??

Some investigations later turns out that the PHP installation can't cope with IIS7 ISAPI, but Microsoft already includes a FastCGI PHP filter in IIS.

We've started to update our 5 year old web server installation to a brand spanking new machine. We've been moving stuff before but this only ever involved moving whole system images to new hardware. This time around we are starting from scratch and also update the system to Windows 2008 64-bit edition. I'm documenting the issues we're having including the solutions we found to get around issues here.

I've always wished I would be able to cancel the background compiler in the Delphi IDE, because it often kicks in at a time when its not wanted (ie, it kicks in to prepare code completion, but I already know what I'm doing). Before Delphi 2009, this was not possible.

However, in Delphi 2009, there is an undocumented feature to enable this! If you want to test out code which allows the code completion compilation (aka "Kibitz compile") to be canceled, add the following registry key under the HKCU\Software\CodeGear\BDS\6.0\Globals key (choose the string value type):

We've had the following error report some time ago:

The question is coming up again and again in support: "How do I add the Logon As Service right from my installer?"

While there's plenty of information out there how to do it, it seems it's not easy to find and mostly is in C/C++. Here's short unit that implements

AddPrivilege RemovePrivilege

functions doing the job. At the time of writing the following privileges should work fine:

Privilege Explanation SeNetworkLogonRight Access this computer from the network
Since we're just in the progress of getting V3 finished to Gold status, we've been looking into tweaking the engine. In this process we were wondering how V3 actually measures up to older versions of NexusDB. We've also included NexusDB V2.08, which is imminent at the time of writing this.

We've had quite a few questions lately on support, that dealt with the installation of the ADO Provider onto target machines. While this process is well documented on the MSDN pages and a number of installer products has ready made functions to achieve this, it seems that it still was a major stepping stone for some of our customers that are not yet that well acquainted with .NET programming and installations.

This is the NexusDB V3 class hierarchy of all classes documented in this manual.

Click on the picture for a full size view.

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